the crazy thuringian beans tango encounter
❤ 24h of BEANY tango SALONs ❤

The beautiful city of Erfurt is known for its gardening since the Middle Ages, when people started growing the famous "Puffbohne" (lat. Vicia Faba). In the 19th the soils around Erfurt were said to be so fertile, that they simply produced the biggest BEANS!

Thats reason enough for us to celebrate Bohnes Aires with a very special tango encounter. Carefully selected international DJ's, a superb historical venue in the heart of Erfurt and fabulous dancers, that soon will become your beany friends ;-)


Friday, 30/6/2017
21 - 02 Fire Bean
Saturday, 1/7/2017
14 - 19 Vanilla Bean
22 - 03 Coffee Bean
Sunday, 2/7/2017
13 - 18 Jelly Bean


Theresa Faus (Munic)

Anastasia Pomogaeva (Moscow)

Christine Frühauf & Torsten Krück (Hamburg)

Drago Azdajic (Hannover)

Where to sleep

re4 Hostel

in this nice hostel you can choose flats, single and doublerooms and single beds in dormatories.

RE_4 Hostel
Puschkinstr. 21
99084 Erfurt
telefon: +49 / 361 / 60 00 110

More hotels, hostels, flats and guestrooms

Service-Hotline: 0049-361- 380 395


Esquina del Tango
Schlösserstraße 5 / Borngasse
99084 Erfurt

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Bohn Apetito! On Saturday night we will have a common Dinner @ Esquina del Tango. Maike, Klaus and Stefan have been choosing there favourite Menus from the Italian restaurant "Roma". Select your menue right now while registering and join us for Dinner!

All menues contain an Antipasto, the Dish and a Dolce! Maikes menu is carefully selected and very healthy, without gluten and without lactose but with fish or meat.
Stefans Pizza is the "paso básico" of Italian kitchen and the heavy Pasta-Menu from Klaus helps you to find a better connection to the pista:)


Pass 80 € 
The pass includes
Midnight-Soup on Friday, Water, Juices, Coffee, Cake and Snacks.

We want to create a cheerful experience for all participants, therefore Bohnes Aires is role balanced and mixed up.
Register now and get our personal confirmation!

In case your registration is confirmed it might happen that you are placed on a waiting list.


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